If you find yourself overcome with the desire to escape the chaos, heat, and dust of the city, “Kokhta Mitarbi” is a place you can escape to anytime. You'll encounter everything there that you long for: mountains, pristine forests, an alpine zone, unique trees and plants with medicinal properties, colors, aromas, healthy air, and modern infrastructure on top. All of this is at most a two-hour trip from Tbilisi.

The company “Kokhta Mitarbi” is building the Four Seasons Resort on Kokhta Hill.

“The project is developing with the complete signature, standards, architecture, and elements of infrastructure. New roads, foot and bike paths, entertainment and relaxation zones, restaurants and cafes will be set out, with other connected services also being developed”, says Zurab Charbadze, the director of Kokhta Mitarbi.

The branded development implies that Kokhta Mitarbi is being built according to a unified set of regulations of developments created by the French companies “Geode” and “Compange des Alpes.” Both companies have unmatched experience planning resorts – they have created the projects for countless mountain resorts in various countries, including in France and in the Austrian Alps.

Ecology and the creation of green spaces are high priorities for Kokhta Mitarbi. An 80/20 conception of the project has been created on the architecture of low developments, and a primary part of the land will be dedicated to green recreation zones and public spaces.

One special bonus of the Kokhta Mitarbi project is the concept of “Ski in Ski Out”, implying a maximal integration of hotels and apartments with new cable cars and ski lifts. Visitors will exit their hotel room or apartment, ski over to a lift, and simply ski back without any need for additional transportation.

Residential apartments built during the first phase of the project have been arranged near the hotel and the new Kokhta Hill ski base station. The complex will be developed in the Mitarbi area in subsequent stages.

The Kokhta Mitarbi apartments have such panoramic views it is difficult to choose which one is better – the view of Kokhta Hill or of Mitarbi.

“The first block of the project will be completed in 2018. Every apartment in this block has already been sold. Now the next blocks are being constructed and we have concurrently begun the sales process. The apartments will be set up with the ‘Turn Key’ principle, comprising the good order of the exterior, a remodel of the interior, and the provision of furniture and equipment. Apartment spaces will run from 35 m2 studios to 120 m2 spaces having a few bedrooms. Individual, open and closed garages have also been taken into account for the apartments”, Charbadze explains in regard to the complex's benefits.

The new Rooms Hotel being built on Kokhta Hill will receive its first guests in 2018 within the project’s framework. The hotel will include 100 rooms and treat guests to the distinguished, elaborate, and cozy design the brand is known for.

Kokhta Mitarbi is being built in accordance with international standards, and Bakuriani’s climatic conditions are also being taken into account. The hotel’s outer facade and the integrated apartment buildings will be covered with aluminum siding made especially for the project by the German company Schuco. They’ll also feature low-emission glass, ensuring temperature equilibrium at various times throughout the year.

The facades will be covered with thermally-processed natural wood, which retains its original appearance for decades. The building’s walls and exterior will also be outfitted with special thermal regulating and insulative materials. These features will ensure the customer's comfort as well as reducing communal costs.

At the same time, the state is fulfilling its obligations and is developing the ski resort’s infrastructure. Three cable lifts were opened last year in addition to an 8-kilometer ski slope, which will grow significantly in the future.

Only a bit of construction remains and we will be treated to elaborate and comfortable infrastructure at Kokhta Mitarbi, giving us the means to escape urban noise and stress any time of the year. That means relishing the green, leafy forests and the scent of flowering pines during the spring, the colorful variety of carpets of alpine or sub-alpine flowers in the summer, and the variegated cascade of autumn leaves. We don’t need to tell you anything about the splendors of winter, you know it well already.