How was the idea to launch the co-working space in Tbilisi born and what makes Terminal different from other co-working spaces in Georgia?

Jino Dollini, the Director at Terminal: A new co-working space founded by the company Tushiconcept, have another similar space as well called Vere Loft on Khorava Street. The 300 square meter working space is quite a nice place with two small meeting rooms. However, because Vere Loft was always packed full of people, the company decided to create a new, bigger space with more amenities and innovations. That’s how Terminal incorporates new features and offers several extra services that Vere Loft does not. 

We offer 110 personal desks, which makes Terminal the largest co-working space in the Caucasus. Our attitude is also different: Experience tells us that when someone comes to a co-working space once or twice and uses the same desk, they become used to it and the next time they visit, the want to sit in the same place again. They think about it as their own place. To meet our guests’ expectations, we decided to create fixed desks, so everyone can book the place they chose upon their first visit.

Terminal offers private offices as well, which is also a new approach in co-working space concepts. We call them ‘Gates’. These are closed spaces, where people can sit and work privately or in groups without distraction. We have 15 Gates, ranging from small ones (2-3 persons) to bigger ones (12 persons).

However, one of our main highlights are our conference room services. We have five meeting rooms of various sizes and capacities. The biggest one can host 170 people and it can be used for a wide range of events – conferences, exhibitions, film screenings, lectures and so on. In the beginning of May, we are even planning to host a fashion show there, one designer booked it for Tbilisi Fashion Week.

Why ‘Terminal’ and ‘Gates’? Do you see this space as a close concept to an airport - connecting people from all walks of life?

Jino Dollini: Terminal has two meanings: One is electronic hardware that is used for entering data (we even named the meeting rooms after internet providers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox etc.). Another connotation is of course a travel terminal, which unites people with different backgrounds and cultures. Like in airport terminal, here too, the doors are open for all kinds of people. 

What is the main concept of the co-working space for you and what advantages does it have compared with traditional offices?

Jino Dollini: A co-working space is not only about work, it’s about lifestyle and communication. The attitudes about working culture and routines are drastically changing. People don’t want to stay in closed offices anymore; they prefer open, shared spaces, where they meet new people and exchange ideas. Researches confirm that productivity and motivation is higher in this kind of environment. 

We even had an interesting example of co-working benefits at Vere Loft – several freelancers founded a company there, which has become a very successful organization. Their “office” is at one of our Gates right now. In addition, for small companies, it’s cheaper and easier to sit and work here rather than rent an office and have to take care of all the responsibilities. In the frames of our social responsibility policy, we have different approaches towards startup companies and students and have special discounts for them.

What services do you offer for groups or companies, which clients tend to rent Gates? 

Jino Dollini: We offer comfortable, fully-equipped rooms with high-speed internet and personal heating and cooling systems. Our guests won’t have to pay communal bills or deal with any kind of bureaucracy. Everything is included. In addition, we can give them legal address. This is especially helpful for people who don’t live here and cannot register companies in rented houses. Besides, for those who will rent Gates for one year, we offer corporate health insurance, corporate tickets for the swimming pool, gym and yoga. Yoga classes will be held here in the large conference room. Corporate offers will also include outgoing events, picnics and several other activities. We want to create a special kind of community here at Terminal.

What are the prices for individual or group working spaces?

Jino Dollini: For individual visitors we have five co-working packages: One day, one night, weekend, 10 days and one month. The price for 1 month is ¢425, but as we are newly opened, we offer a discount price of ¢350. Gate prices range from ¢1,250 to ¢4,500 per month, it depends on Gate capacity. 

I see here several spaces for leisure time as well. What do you offer your guests during break or time, when they want to escape the routine and relax?

Jino Dollini: Terminal is a multifunctional space, so yes, we will offer several relaxing services as well. We are just now finishing the café that has a large terrace and we have kitchen that offer self-service as well. We have the library with quite a large selection of books. We will have film screenings and other types of cultural and entertaining events.  

Terminal's goal is to become the home for the most innovative projects and teams, open-minded and creative individuals not only in Georgia but for the whole Region. 

34 Abashidze Street, Tbilisi, Georgia

Call: 596 93 39 33