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Work from Georgia | Georgia is Taking Hospitality to a Whole New Level

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Companies in Georgia Invite travelers from Around the World to their Work Spaces

[Tbilisi, Georgia, July 8, 2019] Georgia launches the first ever virtual co-working platform that offers actual workspaces for free for digital nomads -  travelers who are exploring the world and working at the same time distantly, without attachment to particular location. The platform is already up and running and welcomes both travelers (guests) and companies (hosts) to register. The primary goal of the platform is to develop Georgian tourism by turning the country into a hub for digital nomads. 

One of the cofounders of the project explains the rationale behind the idea: “as almost every regular Georgian these days, we were thinking in the agency, how can we support tourism. The idea came from target audience - the travelers. We found out that today one segment of travelers is growing rapidly - so called Digital Nomads.

So, we asked ourselves why not to host those Digital nomads at our agency? The good news is that we can do it right now. Bad news - we can only host two guys at a time. Best news? We have a lot of friends, which means united we can host hundreds or even thousand guests simultaneously.”

The virtual joint co-working is a free of charge platform, where any company from small start-up to huge corporation can register as host. And any traveler from any country can book a desk and stay with us. The idea is tailored to the needs of the digital nomads, so they can explore the world all year round.

The idea is perfect for such of travelers because they are no longer looking for traditional tourist experience, but more authentic local experience. They travel not only to visit, but to stay and explore. Georgia is everything that digital nomads are looking for: pleasant weather, low living costs, great internet, visa/work permit free for many countries, not to mention Georgia’s rich history, gorgeous nature, delicious cuisine and the emerging Georgia’s art scene.

The beauty of workfromgeorgia initiative is that anyone can be a part of it. Companies operating in Georgia are encouraged to do what Georgians are famous for: open their doors and welcome guests from around the world. Media, bloggers, influencers are encouraged to spread the word. With the combined force Georgia will be taking hospitality to a whole new level. 

Companies that have joined workfromgeorgia: Leavingstone, Betterfly DDB, Windfor’s, Holmes & Watson, Saatchi & Saatchi, Mr. Wolf, Kraken, McCann, Elliot, BRID, JWT Metro, Gepra, ABK, GITA, Pop Media, Advertwise, Living Roots, Noblet Media.

The project is supported by Georgian National Tourism Administration. 

Special thanks to Influence Georgia for support on communication side. 

If you would like to receive additional information and join the initiative, please call Maia Odishelidze +995 595 905 211 or email 

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