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"I was obsessed with Mamardashvili 's thoughts" | Katarina Stadler

In ‘Repeating Mamardashvili’ conceptual artist Katharina Stadler is focusing on Merab Mamardashvili's two lecture series on Proust [1981/82 & 1984/85 at Tbilisi State University]. She is using AI for translation in order to create a grid of content approximation.

Through the process of working with AI translators, the artist aims to trace a dialogue between content and the unintelligible and attempts to outline a structure in search for both beginning and end of ideological structures through/in/across language.

The translation process as a method will be accompanied by a set of notations on both process and content. 

"Indigo" starts publishing a series of essays by Katarina Stadler.
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