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Rebuilding Memory | Screening of video projects

Rebuilding Memory - under this title videos by Mano Svanidze, Anna Dziapshipa and Natia Sharmiashvili were presented on July 31. Videos are part of the project supported by Switzerland.

"Rebuilding Memory" explores memory around the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. The stories that people recall involve many parallel narratives. This narrative,  consisting of many separate texts makes the contradicting realities pieces of one whole and thus seeks to reconstruct one historical period to combine, integrate  the fragments of this complex episode together.

Here and there

Author: Mano Svanidze

These unsorted fragments are recordings of conversations with children and young from the Tserovni IDP settlement. In this chaotic narrative exploring the attempts of searching for home, for one’s own place, personal and others’ memory, where concealed patterns unfold, the central questions remain open.

A House Left in a Dream

Author: Anna Dziapshipa

The Kobaladze family left Tskhinvali during the 1991 war. Their big house stayed there, too. In the video, Tamar and Lena Kobaladze start to reconstruct their burnt house in a painting. A family left without photos tries to describe the versions of home that their memory holds to their grandchildren, though it’s quite different for Tamar and Lena.

Temporary Address

Author: Natia Sharmiashvili

When does you home become just a temporary address? How does it change your mornings, when you start to hear the noise of a foreing country military exercises from the opposite hill? How did the barbed wire changed the life in a village? In some partly-emptied villages of Shida Kartli, along the dividing line, the the author meets locals, who try to bring peace and old life back in the space now locked between the checkpoints.

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