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Photo Book

Collection of Liu's Family

Ana Kordaia Samadashvili, Salome Tsiskarishvili, Mali Liu Kandareli Guanven

  • Translator:
  • Cover: Tornike Lortkipanidze
  • Publishing House: Indigo Publishing
  • Year of publication: 2020
  • Price: 30.00 Gel
This is a book that tells a story of Guanwen Liu-Kandareli - Tbilisi based lady with extensive Chinese past. She keeps a unique collection of accessories, decorations and other objects that tell a story of Chinese Art. Each object has its own story to tell and the narrator finds an enchanting tone to indulge the reader in the long history of Georgian-Chinese relationships that lasts centuries. This is a book of objects - visually attractive, focusing on details and overall atmosphere.
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