ახალი დრო, იდეები, ადამიანები.

The most joyful, the most carefree multifunctionalism

In our tense and intense, dense and multi-everything reality, we often crave solitude and self-indulgence. In particular, the quiet enjoyments of life: intimate explorations and carefree relationships. Tbilisi’s new hot spot and popular touristic destination – Fabrika – might at first seem a total antipode to these human cravings, but the more time you spend in the lively space’s spacious courtyard, the more time you spend observing the century-old façade and time-worn walls of this former Soviet-era sewing factory, more you’ll realize that Fabrika, located at Ninoshvili street #8 in Tbilisi, best captures the essence of multifunctionalism.

Put simply, Fabrika is a free space for like-minded individuals to create and share. The hostel located at the heart of the building serves as a hub for local and international travelers, hosting various kinds of workshops for guests including rooftop yoga workshops and fascinating tours and activities tailored to intrepid explorers.

Yet Fabrika is also a prime dining spot with the Hostel Restaurant offering some of Tbilisi’s best breakfast and brunch options, where postindustrial elements radiate a modern coolness that mixes well with fresh juices and a great cup of coffee.

Fabrika is an open space for creative, innovative, open-minded and daring artists and studios, concept stores and cafes. Each guest is promised the possibility to explore the bravest and most daring artistic endeavors straight from local artists.

Fabrika is a street art ‘laboratory’ and the host of a graffiti shop – it is the organizer of the Fabrikaffiti street art festival and the first venue to encourage artists to decorate the former factory building’s old, grey, Soviet walls with colorful graffiti.

Fabrika hosts dynamic architecture and an urban design office.

Fabrika hosts the Creative Education Studio.

Fabrika hosts one of Tbilisi’s best co-working spaces.

Fabrika is a meeting point for business lunches, conferences, media briefings, exhibitions, and experimental theatre shows. Its sprawling conference space is an ideal venue for both corporate and casual events.

Fabrika is a romantic conversation over a glass of wine, a noisy gathering with friends over loads of beer, and the peaceful, quiet enjoyment of fabulous and mysterious plants.

Fabrika dances and sings to cool vibes, breathes in the unique atmosphere and explores new ideas, introduces oneself and acquaints to others, tells stories, shares impressions and sets out on new adventures – it’s an unstoppable masquerade of everything local and international, thoughtfully designed and created, daringly discovered and boldly set in motion.

This is also a place where one can enjoy life; where one can take pleasure in small elements and cozy situations that are only achievable in total solitude.

To sum it all up: Fabrika is a free space where you can sleep, eat, drink, design, interact, discover, create and share.

This sort of multifunctionalism is what I like best about Fabrika—besides sleeping in its private suite, of course! Fabrika offers several types of lodging and 98 rooms in total: multi-bed dorm rooms (starting from 9 USD per bed) with multiple beds and various combinations—suitable for all kinds of groups visiting Tbilisi; and apartment style suites, sun-lit and spacious with beautiful terraces and views on Tbilisi, comfortable kitchenettes and private bathrooms—perfect for visiting with family and friends. Finally, there are the private suites—44 in total, so comfortable that you’ll realize Fabrika embodies both hotel and hostel in one complex; a lively, energized and cozy living space full of new encounters, open experiences, creativity and organic culture.

One can’t get enough of Fabrika’s tall windows, especially in the private suites and dorms (these windows truly are artifacts from the past – when Fabrika really was a Fabrika – producing outfits for Soviet citizens); one can’t get enough of the beautiful views and high-quality, well-designed furniture; one can’t get enough of its minimalistic style and industrial elements. When I stayed at Fabrika, I loved the fact that after bidding goodnight to friends still enjoying a bottle of beer in the noisy courtyard, I could take the grandiose stairs up to my room, close the door behind me and enjoy the suite’s silence, coziness and neatness. All the while, the pleasant echoes of music seeped in from downstairs. That’s my humble advice to you: if you prefer coziness and silence, choose a room with a street view. If you plan to stay up to the wee hours in the courtyard, it’s best to sleep in a room facing the courtyard.

As I already told you, Fabrika has expanded the meaning of “hostel”, an experience that becomes even more vivid the next morning when you go downstairs to enjoy a delicious breakfast in the cafeteria, speedy Wi-Fi and a huge space carefully curated for every type of activity: working, meeting, resting, napping, reading, scrolling and enjoying music. The space includes bars and comfy armchairs, hammocks and window niches. Many Tbilisians never stay the night in Fabrika but come to visit the spacious entrance hall for meetings and work sessions.

If your work schedule is more rigid, you can always use the co-working space at Fabrika—Impact Hub Tbilisi—a spacious hall with modern wood tables, huge windows and air-conditioning, equipped with a bar and private rooms for meetings. There, you can meet a small community of co-workers who enjoy each other’s company and share ideas during coffee breaks.

Breaks and free moments can always be used to peruse Fabrika’s local art boutiques. Everything from pottery, furniture, graffiti pieces, prints, collectible books, apparel, shoes and accessories by artists, and greenery and plants can be found in the courtyard. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s always enjoyable to meet the tenants of Fabrika and learn about their inspirations and aspirations, their world-views and passions. You can also rent a bike or scooter and enjoy a ride through the streets of Old Tbilisi.

When evening comes, remember to enjoy some time sitting in the courtyard cafes. There are several of them—each distinguishable by their own distinct aura, menu and concept. If you’re lucky enough, you can also enjoy a performance, exhibition, concert or workshop. So, do check Fabrika’s Facebook page or website for the list of scheduled events.

And finally, another ‘true gem’ of Fabrika: the acro yoga classes held on the roof-top. These classes can be a source of inspiration and energy, both mind-opening and aura-cleansing—all things needed while travelling and working.

For these reasons, Fabrika is the best place for locals and visitors, for creative minds and professionals, for solitude and precious moments and also for noisy parties. In sum, it’s the place that reflects life in all its vibrant colors. 




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